• Birch-Peppermint Hand Balm
  • Birch-Peppermint Hand Balm


Birch-Peppermint Hand Balm

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Natural, fresh hand balm made with birch and peppermint. Energizes, lifts mood. Organic shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin E nourish the skin while the fresh scent promotes clarity of mind.

Packaged in Finnish pine. 60 ml. Contains organic jojoba oil, benzoin oil, organic raw shea butter, vitamin e, citronella essential oil, peppermint essential oil, jojoba oil and birch extract. 100% plant-based.

Hetkinen aims to bring nature into daily life using all-natural, sustainable, and plant-based products from the Finnish forest. Impeccably sourced raw ingredients and beautifully designed reusable packaging make for delightful additions to your bath and home, as well as unique and memorable gifts.

Made in Finland.